Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mom thinks I had another day of stellar chatters, and combined with my awesome curls, I'm pretty sure she'd buy me a 'copter if I asked.  But since I'm not sure if I'd really like a 'copter ride or if it might be terrifying, I think I'll hold off getting one just yet.

Just in case I ever do want a 'copter, I'm going to appease mom just this once and list my top chatters from today because she's all, "Someday you're going to want to remember these, Juj!"

1.  "I love you, mommy."
2.  "Look mom, I found Hanky-guy!"
3.  "Where are you critter-goes-dentist?"  (I highly recommend this book!)
4.  "Where other b-gucks go?  I not sure, Elmo.  I not sure, Hanky."
5.  "I'm speedy, go go go!  Watch out people!"  (I'm an awesome shopping cart driver.)
6.  "I do some 'puter skills?"

When I wasn't uttering pieces of pure brilliance, I was modeling my awesome curls.  

It's taken a while, but I finally have some pretty great curls and they get even more curly and fun when my steamer is on during naptime.

I had a really great day (aside from that one time out, lame).  I can't wait to run my mouth again tomorrow!

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