Saturday, February 18, 2012


Do you ever have a day where you're feeling extra cute and adorable? 

I mean, I know that I'm usually ridiculously good-looking and extremely charming.  But for some reason today I was off the charts.

That's probably a good thing - it helped mom and dad forget about how early I woke up (6:20 am) or how worthless my nap was (30 minutes).  (I tried to tell them it wasn't my fault.  I was all "Elmo wake up six hours."  I'm not sure they believed me.)

Turns out, my cute has a lot of powers.  Like when I say, "Hi mom, you all done napping mom?" mom is immediately ready to play.  And if I say, "Daddy, where are you?" daddy gets me out of my crib billions speedier than if I just chatter.

There's a lot of power in cute!

There's also a lot of power in sick.  I've been a very healthy toddler-peep so far.  One time I had a little belly-bug and one time I had croup.  That's it!  Well, looks like I'm lucky number three of sick.  I have a cough again.  Mom and dad gave me some medicine so hopefully I don't have to have an ambulance adventure again.

Sick isn't super fun but it makes mom and dad do anything I want!  You can't even believe how much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I saw today (4 episodes) or how many books they read me (billions) or how much snorgling we did (hours).

Who knew a little cough meant I become Queen Toddler-Peep!?

Hopefully I feel better quickly, though another day or two of Mickey marathons wouldn't be the worst thing ever!

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