Friday, February 17, 2012


The other day my friends Teaghan and Susie and Joe called me and were all, "Hey Juj, let's all get together and play games and toys and skills!" and I was all, "I'd love too!  And if you want I'll yammer on the entire time so no one else can get a word in!"

Since it was Valentine's Day we got to be festive and eat heart-shaped pizza.  It was delicious.  I even got to sit at the table like a big-peep.  And I only asked mom to clean my hands eleventy times while I was eating.  It's lame to have messy hands you know.

I got to work on my circle drawing skills with Joe.  He was very helpful when it came to cap removal for the markers.

I read some books with Susie and her mom too.  It was a little tricky because Susie's brother was taking up most of the lap space, but we tried not to judge him since he's still just a fetus-peep.

Later I decided to do some book-collection skills.

And of course, nothing ends a three hour playdate like a forced group picture with exhausted toddler-peeps.

Yes, this is the best we could do.  Okay, confession, my friends were billions more agreeable than me when it came to picture time.  It's just hard to sit when there are books to be read and cracker-bunnies to be munched.  It was a great time nonetheless and I can't wait to see my friends again soon!

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