Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day, Peeps!  In the morning mom and dad were all, "Hey Juj, do you want to go outside and play egg hunt?" and I was all, "I'm not sure I'm familiar with that game but it sounds pretty great so I'll give it a try!"

It was as fun as I thought it might be!  There were eggs hiding all over my yard and I got to search for them!

Every time I found another egg I was all, "Oh boy! I found one!"

Sometimes the eggs were hiding in a tricky spot but I'm basically an expert egg-spotter so I found them all.

Since I had such a great time, mom and dad let me play egg hunt eleventy times over and over!  I'm pretty sure I want to play egg hunt every day.

Egg hunt is an awesome game, Peeps.  Even Sissy Dog loved snooting for eggs.  If you want to come over, we can play together!

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