Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hi Peeps.  Can you believe my mom still hasn't upgraded my blog?!  Super lame.  As a result, I can barely post pictures and it's really stifling my creativity.  Hopefully she'll take care of this problem soon so I can show you all the pictures of my latest adventures.  In the meantime, I'll share my top five chatters from the last week or so:

1.  (Making a call on my phone) "Hi Mickey, Donald is driving me crazy.  Be back soon after resting time Mickey, bye."
2.  (In Target) "Oh boy, look at all these decorations!"
3.  (Car ride, less than two seconds of the middle of the song has played) "Rumor Has It, hooray!"
4.  "I saw bugs outside.  I felt a little scared."
5.  (Singing, artist unknown) "Everyone stand up, hold your hand out, spin around with me, spin around spin around, hooray!"

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