Friday, April 20, 2012


Since mom is always wanting to take pictures of me, I decided today would be a great day to be a cooperative toddler-peep.

I picked out some awesome clothes and fancy shoes for the occasion.

And then I was all, "Let's take a picture of me and Sissy!" and mom was all, "OMG Peep!  I've been waiting one year and 359 days for you to say that!"  

Sissy-Dog was all, "You're totally sucking up because it's almost your birthday and you want extra presents and cake and blueberries." 

I was a little nervous about Sissy's perceptiveness so I quickly distracted mom with my rainbow explosion.  I'm going to have to start slipping more food to Sissy-Dog to keep her from ratting me out.  What a blabber-snout.

 We decided to try a few different poses.  In the grass...

... giving hugs...

... and a silly Hanky-Guy.

All of those were fun but I liked my first idea best, sitting on the steps!

I did my very best posing skills and I think mom was impressed.

I'm not positive it secured extra presents but it was definitely a solid start.  Maybe tomorrow I'll work on my cleaning-up-toys-skills and not-whining-in-a-crisis skills.  You know, just for good measure.

And I'm totally going to slip Sissy some of my lunch.

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