Saturday, April 7, 2012

Car Skills

I know you might not believe this Peeps, but I'm pretty much an expert driver-peep.

I practice my driving skills every chance I get, which, incidentally, would be a lot more often if mom would just make me my own set of keys.

I love everything about playing car - working on steering-wheel skills, radio skills, horn-beeping skills and climbing-into-the-back skills.

Sometimes I like to sit back and imagine where I'd drive to if mom and dad were better at sharing the keys.  I've narrowed it down to Disney World, Disneyland, and The Disney Store.

I always remember to buckle up for safety when I'm in the car.  Buckling up for safety is one of my best skills.

And I like to sing tunes in the car.  I think "ABCs" is the best driving song.  I sing it over and over and over again.  

Playing car is the most fun ever.  I like playing in mom's car and dad's car - they're both great for working on my skills.  But now that I'm an expert, I'm probably ready for my own car.

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