Thursday, April 5, 2012


My friends Cooper and Eloise called me and were all, "Hey Juj, we haven't played in so long!  Want to come over and try all our toys while we stare at you and refuse to play with you until it's almost time for you to go?"  and I was all, "Sure!  I can't wait!"

Turns out, I didn't love trying all of the toys.  Driving a motorcycle (at least, that's what I said it was...) is stressful, especially since I didn't have my helmet with me.

Riding whales is much more my speed.  Plus, Coop and Ella stopped feeling shy once we got some crackers and whaley-guy out and we had so much fun riding together!

We had a great time playing together.  I'm pretty sure if mom gets another playdate planned before we're all three Coop and Ella won't feel shy around me and we'll be able to skip right to the playing part!  I can't wait!

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