Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Party

Turns out, Easter is more than just bunnies laying eggs and Sissy-Dogs wearing ears.  Easter means playing with aunties and uncles and grandparents too!

I went to my Uncle Eric and Auntie Susan's house for an Easter party and it was so fun.  I put on a mega fancy dress for the occasion!

We had a yummy dinner and I got to sit at the table like a grown-up toddler-peep.  It was pretty awesome.

After eating I spent a lot of time working on my egg skills.  Turns out, the eggs open and I can hide treasure in them!  Amazing!

Sometimes I was all, "Where's my special treasure?" and dad was all, "Hmmm, do you mean the delicious gummy bunnies I just munched?"  Lame.

I did a lot of work on basket-carrying skills too.

Grandmpa P. told me there was a special surprise hidden for me so I went searching.  All of a sudden I was all, "Oh boy I found something pink over here!"  It was bubbles!  I love bubbles!  I took my aunties outside so we could try them out.

I did some dancing in the bubbles...

... and I tried making a few myself.

And then it was chocolate cheesecake time!!!

I'll be honest, Peeps.  I was a tiny bit excited for cake.

I was not disappointed.  It was delicious.

You know how mom is always, "Juj, you need to learn some silverware skills?"  Turns out, she just needs to motivate me better.  My skills are just fine.

But don't worry, I was a good cake-sharing-peep.

Easter party was mega fun.  I can't wait to have another party soon!

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  1. Oh my god, I'm LOVING the dress. I can't believe it's taken her this long to wear it (will bear this in mind for future clothes-buying venture), but it is SO PERFECT on her. Love, love, love. Well worth the wait. :)