Monday, April 2, 2012


Peeps, you're never going to believe this - I found the most awesome new helmet!  I've been looking for one for a while but most have characters and mom is always all, "The character stuff is lame, Juj."  Since they never had Mickey, I agreed.  All the other helmets were lame.

Until I found this one!  It's pink, which is my second favorite color, and it has Hanky-guys on it, which are my first favorite animal!  And it fits just right!  At first I was a little insecure since it was called an infant helmet and I'm a toddler-peep.  But once I tried on the bigger helmets I agreed with mom's assessment, my head is still infant-sized.

I mega love my new helmet.  Now I'm ready for a bike!  Coughcoughcough, did you hear that, I said I'm ready for a bike!!!

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  1. Cough,cough -- yep, I heard that!!