Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day Five

Even though I only go to school two days a week, sometimes I get an extra-special bonus day.  Yesterday I was just minding my business working on my iPhone skills while Mom was taking the longest shower ever when I got a message - school wanted me to come and play!

I was pumped.  I threw on a twirly star ensemble, grabbed Hanky-backpack and we were off.

In the interest of full disclosure, because I'm nothing if I'm not a completely honest, non-exaggerating toddler-peep, we took school pictures after school.  Things were just too rushed for a morning photoshoot.

It was a super awesome day.  We sang songs, played toys, I stayed dry and used the potty, had lunch and even got an Oreo treat!  Turns out, I only liked the middle part and not the crunchy part, but I appreciate the chance to try something other than carrots and broccoli.  Ahem, Mom.

I love school.  And I do love my school pictures.  I'm not saying pictures are not my idea and insistence, they are.  But sometimes when Mom asks for eleventy more shots, my eyes can't help but roll.

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