Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day Seven

Not only was today Day Seven, it was Picture Day too!

I picked a fancy twirly dress - it's important to be extra stylish for school pictures!

Mom helped me make my fluff extra curly and awesome this morning.  I thought it looked pretty good as-is but she was all, "Come on Peep, let's try and de-mullet the mullet just a tiny bit."  I admit, my curls turned out pretty great.

I had so many different smile options for pictures.  My teachers told mom I did a great job but I made them promise not to tell her any more about my cheese face.  That would ruin the surprise!

I had a great day at school aside from the pictures.  That is, until mom showed up to get me.  I pretty much hate leaving school.  And sometimes I throw a little bitty fit as a result.

What can I say, school is the most fun ever.

(And yes, that is a pretty green bruise on my forehead.  I had a little run-in with a door.  Mom is always all, "Juj, you need to look forward when you're running," and she might be right.  Just this once.)

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