Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm twenty-nine, Peeps!  Can you believe it??
Even better, I'm going to go all crazy and do an on-time update.  I rule.

I'm a pretty giant toddler-peep these days.  I'm not sure on official stats but my clothes are a 2T (mostly) and my pull-ups are a 2/3T and when I'm not standing next to my friend Bella I feel pretty big!  I've been working hard on my peep-dressing skills.  I can get socks and shoes on myself, pants mostly on, and make a muck of getting on my shirts.  Off, well, I can take my socks and shoes off.  That's about it.  My fluff is growing into a super long and curly mullet - apparently I'm not allowed to get it cut until I'm eleven.  AND big news - all four of my eye teeth are coming in all at once.  That puts me at sixteen teeth.  Awesome!

My sleeping skills are a little bit, well, unappreciated.  I've been taking 1.5-2.5 hour naps, which I feel is more than sufficient, but I get the sense this span of time doesn't entirely thrill mom.  Apparently she is also not impressed by my desire to scream in the middle of said nap for a minute or two.  Hmph.  My night sleep has also been unkindly judged lately. I go to sleep around 8:15 pm and wake up around 6:40 am.  And only sometimes do I spend the first fifteen minutes screaming for an extra snorgle.  Why is that such an unreasonable request?  Anyway, I'll probably get back on track soon because mom and dad are threatening to cancel morning Mickey if my shenanigans keep up, and that would be mega lame.

On to better subjects.  I started preschool this month and I love it!  I'm one of the older kids in class so I don't fuss when mom drops me off, I only fuss when she makes me leave.  I love going to the playground and playing toys and doing art projects.  And my teachers love my loud and enthusiastic singing skills.  I even get to stay for lunch sometimes.  School is amazing.

I've been a pretty good eater lately, nothing too new to report there except I've stopped using my high chair!  I eat at my little white table now or the big table in my turtle chair.  It's pretty awesome to be a big girl.  I've even gotten pretty great with my spooning and forking skills.  Don't get me wrong, I still try and make mom and dad do all the scooping, but I'm totally capable if necessary.

My biggest news for the month - I'm pretty much half potty trained!  I wear underwear and pull-ups now and I make all my pees in the potty.  I even stay dry at school and go potty there and I will go in store potties too as long as mom makes sure the flusher isn't loud or automatic.  I'm not super great about telling mom and dad I need to go, but I'm pretty much an expert at staying dry until they suggest it, even on long outings and adventures!  Pretty soon when I feel like it I'll start using the potty for all bodily functions, but I'm not quite ready yet.

When I'm not at school I love playing at home.  Our construction is almost done and my new playroom is all done and empty and the best room for running in and jumping in and spinning in.  I really love playing animals right now - I dress my guys, change their diapers, wrap them in blankets and have lots of fun playing with them.  I also love library books and I usually have them memorized within a day of getting them.  I've been able to play more and more with mom  - she still doesn't carry me around or do too many crazy adventures with me, but Beef Stu has been cooperative so she doesn't have to rest so much.  Hooray!  Speaking of, Beef Stu is growing big and she loves to give me high fives.

I'm super into art projects, especially ones that involve paint or stickers.  I also really like coloring with crayons.  I can't stay in the lines perfectly but I'm pretty good about deliberately coloring certain parts certain colors.  Mom is all, "Your scribbles are evolving, Peep!" and I'm all, "Obvious, Mom, I'm twenty-nine now!"  I also like to "draw" people.  I make a circle, two eyes, a snoot, a mouth, arms and legs.  Mom and dad are the best at deciphering these pictures as sometimes I take artistic liberties with the placement of the parts, but I'm getting there.  And I make a mean letter "j."

I'm still the chattiest kid around.  I like to narrate my day, usually through song.  Making up songs is a special skill you know.  I love rhyming words too, although sometimes rhymes aren't warmly embraced (like my "truck" rhymes... not sure why...).  Mom and dad are constantly amazed by my chatters.  By now they shouldn't be but they are simple folk.  

So there's twenty-nine!  I'm pretty excited - Stu Peep and I turn thirty two days apart!  I'm totally getting us cupcakes.  Or chippies.  Or donuts.  Or ice cream.

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