Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday mom was all, "Peep, do you want to go to a carnival?  There will be games and prizes and animals!" and I was all, "Like you even had to ask!"

I decided to do a little accessorizing - I wanted to look my best for the animals.

Plus, everyone knows the best way to dress up a superhero cape is a sun hat.

I got right to the game playing as soon as we got there.  First I played the ducky game - it was pretty simple.  All I had to do was pick a duck and I won a prize.  Lame.  Where's the challenge in that?

Next I went for the bean bag toss so I could really test my skills.  You won't believe this but I got all my bean bags through the holes!

Then I played ring-the-pumpkin and I got all the pumpkins ringed!  Seriously - I was probably the best game player there.

After all my skilled game playing I took a break with Bella and she shared one of her prizes with me - a sticky-guy.   

Since music is my favorite thing, I spent some time listening to the bands play while I gathered my strength to win more games.

And then I went fishing for more prizes!

Finally I decided I better let some other kids win the games.  It wouldn't be good manners to win every prize.  So I took mom to the petting farm to meet lots of animal friends.  Turkey-guy immediately took to me.  Mom was all, "He knows you're a turkey too!" and I was all, "Don't be lame, Mom."

I met a bunch of bunny-guys.

They were soft and friendly.  It's also possible they liked me because I was the only kid not harassing them.  Hard to say.

I met a baby cow too.  He was so soft and nice to me.  I gave him snorgles and even brushed his fluff.  And I whispered to him that I have never eaten a hamburger.  I'm pretty sure I heard him say "I love you, Peep."

The sheep-guy was pretty nice looking but he didn't really want to play with me.  Neither did the ducks or chickens.  And since I'm such a well-behaved toddler-peep, I followed the "no chasing" rules and even scolded other kids for chasing.  It's bad manners to chase animals you know.

The goaty-guys were nice to me and liked back scratches.  They even tried to snoot me a little just like Sissy-dog!  I really loved playing with all the animals.  The only bad part was afterward when mom made me wash my hands eleventy times, change my clothes, and sponge off at home before resting time.  She's a little nuts sometimes.

Before leaving the carnival I did one more thing - I got to sit in a firetruck!  It was pretty awesome to climb in and try out the seats and all the equipment.  I would have stayed all day.

The carnival was so much fun and I won tons of prizes!

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