Saturday, November 5, 2011


I really love coloring.  I color eleventy hours every day. 

I'm pretty much a professional artist.  I can color animals, Elmo and Ernie but my favorite is tracing hands.  Dad taught me how to trace my hands and now there are little toddler-peep hands all over my coloring books!  (Okay, maybe they mostly look like blobs but I swear they're hands!)

Since I'm so great at coloring my baby friends asked if I could teach them some skills.

I did my best to show them my coloring techniques.  I was all, "Babies, crayons are not for eating, only for coloring!" and they were all, "Hmph, we want to taste them!"

Baby slobber on crayons is lame so I decided not to share my crayons.

I love coloring and I love my baby friends, but I don't think the two will be a good combination until they're old enough to make good choices about crayon tasting.

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