Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ducky Party

You're not going to believe this, Peeps, but I have more to tell you about Halloween!

Last weekend I got to go to a Halloween party at Bella's house!  I was a little unsure of things when I first got there because there were a lot of daddies.  I was feeling pretty shy.

My friend Ansel was feeling unsure of things too, but that's because he didn't care for his lion suit.  I thought he looked cute.

Once I got used to the daddies I had a ton of fun!  A lot of my friends were at the party.  We tried to get a group shot but none of us felt much like cooperating.  Shocking right?

When we were all released from the cage I found tons of fun stuff to do.

I got to ride a cow!

I really loved cowy-guy, probably because I was a duck.  We farm animals have to stick together.

I snorgled dad and he made faces at mom. 

I played couch-peeking skills with Bella.

Finally, after lots of playing, I needed a snack.  Mom was all, "Sure you can have some food, Juj, but no candy or cupcakes for toddler-peeps."  Lame, mom, lame.

I settled for crackers.
It was a super fun party.  I'm so glad Halloween is eleventy days long!

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