Friday, November 18, 2011


Well Peeps, after eighteen months and twenty-one days without needing to see my doctor (except for check-ups) mom finally decided I had to break my healthy streak.  I woke up with this itty bitty cough on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, yesterday my itty bitty cough turned into a yucky, bad, wheezing cough.

On Thursday morning I was happily playing when mom was all, "Juj, it sounds like you can't breathe, we're going to the doctor NOW."  When we got to the doctor he was all, "Juj, it sounds like you can't breathe, you're going to the hospital NOW."  He gave me some medicine and special steam to breathe and sent me in an ambulance to the hospital because I had the worst croup he had seen.  I wasn't impressed but when we got to the hospital, dad was there to snorgle me!

I got to snorgle with dad and watch all my favorite shows.

I got pretty hungry so they brought me crackers!  It would have been awesome if mom didn't eat them all but she was hungry too.

I spent a long time snorgling mom and dad in the ER room while they waited to see if the medicine was working.

I even perked up a bit and played sticker...

... and tubing skills.  They didn't really have toys in the ER room.  Lame.

But mostly there was just a lot of snorgling.  I was feeling better and breathing a little easier for a while, but then the medicine wore off and it got hard to breathe again.  The doctor was all, "That means you failed the test Juj, you get to go upstairs to a room."  I was all, "Will there be lunch???"

Not only was there food, they had mac-a!  I couldn't shovel it in fast enough!

I got to eat mac-a while watching TV in bed.  Amazing.  Plus, my second medicine really helped my breathing a lot and I wasn't having so much trouble anymore.

I even squeezed in some silly time.  (I'm laughing here, it's just hard to tell.)

My hospital room was pretty nice but dad thought I would have a better snooze at home and the doctor said I could go home because the medicine worked pretty well.  Mom was all, "We'll take you home if you promise to keep breathing well.  No more wheezing or gasping or gray nose or blue lips."  I promised and they took me home at bedtime.

I was pretty excited to go home - I kept telling mom and dad I was "all done" with the hospital and the people bothering me.  (I'm smiling here too, it's just hard to tell because the flash was mega bright.)  And dad was right, I slept great last night.  I'm doing much better now and breathing well.  My steroid medicine is making me a little crazy but at least I can breathe!

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better Juj. I got crazy when I was on steroids in the hospital too. My mommy and daddy said I had "baby 'roid rage". Can we play when you're all better? Me and Coop, we miss you!