Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well Peeps, last night was the big show and it was pretty awesome!

Thankfully I've had a lot of ducky practice so I was pretty ready when it was finally time for trick-or-treating.

I got all dressed up.  It wasn't mega freezing outside so I didn't even have to wear a coat over my duck suit.  Thank goodness - that would have ruined my tough ducky-image.

Before heading outside I did some last minute studying to be sure my duck skills were ready.

Since other kids would be coming to my house, I made sure our decorations were ready before I started my candy collecting.  I touched all the "pumpkins" (so what if I call them pumpkins?)...

... and then I touched all the lights in the bushes.

When it looked like everything was set, I did some final practicing.  I know it seems like I did a lot of preparations but it was an important night, Peeps!  Candy!  One wrong move and I would have ended up with a toothbrush or Almond Joy, yuck.

I practiced being surprised in case I came across a haunted house...

... and I practiced my "heyyyyy" in case any cute boy-toddler-peeps were out trick-or-treating too.

And then it was time!  I grabbed my mummy basket and headed to Grandma and Papa's house to start.  I was a little worried since it was still light out but mom was all, "Don't worry Juj, you're a toddler-peep, you're allowed to start early."

Bella joined me for the first round of trick-or-treating.  We were probably the cutest ducky-strawberry combo out last night.

Our candy-picking skills were a little unrefined at first but don't worry, they improved quickly.  I'll be honest, it's hard to stay excited about candy when you find out you're not going to be allowed to taste any of it.  Lame.

We scampered from house to house... 

... and had a great time together.  And we're totally going to find a way to taste the candy.  We just don't know how yet.

After a quick break for dinner (wherein I ate almost nothing) it was time for the main event, trick-or-treating with dad!

We went with an avian theme.

We mapped out our candy-gathering route under the moon.

I was a little shy when people came to the door...

... but chicken-daddy always made me feel better.

We were a pretty awesome team.  People couldn't help but throw candy at me when they saw me.  I probably got eleventy pieces.  Too bad mom kept reminding me I'm not allowed to taste any.

On our way home we met a ghost.  I wasn't even shy around ghosty-guy.

Happy Halloween, Peeps!

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  1. This was on my facebook page The whole story is publishable! But the photo with the moon is really precious.

    I never miss a day.Tried posting, but my URL was not accepted, so: back to annon.

    Thanksgiving? love you. GGmamma