Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi Peeps!
Great news!  I'm finally feeling totally completely better.  My cough went away pretty fast but it made my ears have a little situation (mild double ear infection).  Thankfully mom believed me when I told her my ears hurt and I got some medicine and now I'm a cured toddler-peep!

Since I failed to do an eighteen update, mom said I better do a nineteen update before I'm thirty-seven.  Don't worry, I'll mix in lots of pictures so you're not mega bored.

I'm not sure how tall I am but I'm about twenty-three pounds now.  I can wear a mix of clothes but mostly around an 18 month size, though sometimes up to 2T if it's a little squishy fitting.  See this awesome Mickey sweatshirt?  It was my mom's!  Oh, and I have four teeth now!  I even have two more that are coming soon!  Mom is all, "Wow Juj, maybe you'll be able to stop eating purees before you're thirty!"  I have a potty and I love sitting on it.  With clothes on.  I'm not super into using my potty.  I totally could, I just don't want to.

I chatter all day long.  I'm using lots of phrases, but my favorites are "read it," and "have it."  Those seem to be the most useful.  I know infinity words so mom doesn't have a count anymore.  I still use a few signs but I say most of those things too.  I even say "milk" and "more" now!  I love to sing my "ABCs" (it sounds like "ABCABCABCABC) and count (it sounds like "two two two").

Reading is my very very very favorite right now.  I love real books, not peeplet board books.  Mom got me some library books and I read them all day long.  I like to read when I eat, when I play, when I'm in the car, anywhere.  It's hard to find me without a book in my hand.  Mom and dad are all, "Umm Juj, you seem to spend eight hours a day reading, are you a genius?" and I'm all, "Obvious."  I've even memorized the end of two of my books!

I love coloring.  I have a big bag of crayons and I color all the time.  I love having my hand traced and I like when mom and dad draw Elmo and bugs.  Any time I see paper (or money or receipts or envelopes) I ask to color.  I really love coloring with pens too and mom lets me because I'm so careful.  I've never even colored the couch!

I love Sissy and playing outside when it's not mega chilly.  I always ask to play "car" - climbing around in dad's car is the best.  And when it's too cold to play outside, I like to stand at the door and look for squeaky squirrels and 'copters.

I'm still a pretty good eater when it's stuff I love, but I don't love new things.  They seem like poison.  Like cheesy baked potatoes?  Poison.  My mega favorite is blueberry bagel and cream cheese but I also love broccoli and berries and cheese and yogurt and mac-a!  Sometimes I'll eat turkey and chicken.  Sometimes.  I still drink milk bottles because milk in a sippy cup is poison.  I get milk when I wake up in the morning and before nap and bed and if I ask really really nicely after nap.

I've been a pretty great sleeper overall.  So I had this one little bad stretch where I might have been standing during nap and screaming at night.  I was just missing mom and dad.  But I decided to be nice and I've been cooperating lately.  These days I go to bed about 7:30 or 7:45 pm and I wake up about 7 am.  I usually nap for about two hours, from 1-3 pm.  I'm pretty awesome, right?

I'm going to school and swimming and library storytime and gym time and playing with friends and having lots of fun.  Life is pretty good for this nineteen month old toddler-peep!

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