Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gym Friends

Do you know what's even better than gym time?

Gym time with friends!

Last week I had eleventy billion friends meet me at gym time and we had tons of fun playing!  In fact, we had so much fun I forgot to take pictures with everyone.  I blame mom.

Edward was kind enough to take me and Bella for a ride.

He's a mega strong toddler-peep!  I think it's because he's up late lifting weights instead of snoozing.

I spent a little time hoarding frogs and turtles.  I'm pretty much a professional toy hoarder. 

Once I filled my wagon with guys, I called Edward over...

... and he gave me another ride!

When it was time to go I gave my best friend a kiss good-bye.  Hopefully this isn't the reason she and I are both sick now.  Hmmmm....

I love open gym!

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