Monday, November 14, 2011


 Hi Peeps!
I know, I know, it's been way too long, but for good reason.  I had an awesome weekend with my dad and was too busy to blog about it.  While my mom was off visiting my auntie and a peeplet, dad and I got to do billions of fun things.

We went to this awesome place with tons of animals.  I think most of them were kitties.  They didn't move much but I still thought they were pretty neat.

Dad let me play my very favorite game - car!  It's pretty easy to play, you just climb all around dad's car.

I practiced my climbing skills...

... and mastered my climbing-into-the-walker-alone skills.  Dad was pretty surprised to find me here when he finished making my lunch!

We played outside.  I made up a new game.  It's called "push the peep around in a doll stroller."  It's super fun.

Dad made me lots of delicious foods and played peek with me while I ate.

And at night dad got me all snorgled up and gave me milk before bed.  We had a great time together and then I had fun with Grandma today.  I missed mom a little but mostly I had a super fun weekend!

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