Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Rules

Well, I'm still a pretty sick toddler-peep.

I spent a lot of the day taking it easy, coughing, and snorgling mom.  The good news - mom stopped making me take the medicine (steroids) that made me crazy Peep-Bonaduce.

And the day wasn't all bad - I got to play in the snow for a couple minutes!  All I had to do was stand by the door yelling "coat hat OUT!" and mom took me outside.  Awesome.

The snow was pretty fun and Sissy loved it!  But mom was all, "You're too sick to stay outside all day, time to go in!"  Lame.

Then something awesome happened...  I was all "mac-a mac-a MAC-A!" and mom made me mac and cheese! 

I did a lot of resting and snorgling skills.  Mom was all, "When you're sick there are no rules."  So I got to drink some juice from a bottle (!) and watch lots of TV.

Mom read me my favorite book Ruby about eleventy thousand times.  I was all, "Ruby Ruby RUBY!" and then she just kept reading it.  Win.

At bath time I was feeling a little lonely so I was all, "Hanky hanky HANKY" and I bet you can guess what happened!  Mom was all, "When you're sick there are no rules but when you're better Hanky isn't going to be going for anymore swims with you."  We'll see about that.

Even though I felt pretty crummy most of the day, I had a brief time after my mega nap where I was feeling great.  To celebrate I invited every guy in my room into my crib to hang out.  It wasn't my best day but I'm getting better!

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