Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi Peeps!  Happy Thursday!
I had a pretty busy day.  I got to go to school this morning!  I love school.  I would go every day if mom let me.  And after school Bella came over!

We had a fun afternoon reading books.

Reading skills are very important you know!  I know ABCDE now and I can fill in missing letters if my mom sings the alphabet to me (off key, of course).  Bella can fill in letters too.  We're very smart friends.

We had lots of table time too.  We like to sit at the table because usually we get snacks and we love snacks.

Here's a little bit of what pre-snack time looks like.  Fun right?

I worked on my peeking skills.

We watched for our friend Squeaky but he wasn't running up and down the tree today.  Lame.  Maybe it was too freezing out for squirrels.

We worked on our multi-tasking skills - dancing, signing and alphabet-learning!  We really love our alphabet signing video and it's a special treat when mom lets us watch.

I did some tongue exercising skills.

After lots of fun it was finally time for Bella to go home.  I was pretty sad when she left but mom reminded me I'll get to see her again tomorrow.  Awesome!

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