Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Contest Results

Well Peeps (the three of you that played my contest game), here's the answer you've been waiting for!  That mulleted peep-picture I posted yesterday is special because it's the very last picture mom will ever take of me and my very best friend bink together outside my crib.*  Grandma K. guessed it right and I didn't even whisper the answer to her!

Bink and I have been best friends since I was one day old.  Back in those days, bink was practically the size of my face!

We were best friends from the start - we even rode home from the hospital together!  It's hard to believe, but I met bink even before I met Hanky-guy!

We never were apart, me and bink.

No matter if I was getting snorgled...

... or strolled through the neighborhood...

... or rolled through Target, bink and I were completely inseparable.

For fear that Sissy might get a funny idea, I always held bink close.  Literally.

Even after Hanky-guy and I met and hit it off...

... binky remained a dear, close friend.

No matter which way the binky spun, we were together.

But alas, the day came (two days ago, to be exact) when mom was all, "It's time, Peep."  She was tired of seeing this.

She said it was time to trade in this...

... for this.  So Peeps, no more pictures of my buddy bink.  Instead, lots more pictures of my nine (!) teeth and my charming smile.

I miss my old pal bink but we see each other when I rest and it's a glorious reunion.  And during the rest of the day there are lots of smiles to be captured by mom's incessant picture taking.  (Lame.)

And my smiling face is as cute as my binkied face, right?
* Disclaimer: Due to the fact that I'm behind in my blogging-skills, my binkied face may actually appear again on this blog, but I promise it's a picture from prior to January 16th.
** Another surprise disclaimer:  I'd bet my spare Hanky-guy I'll find some exception to the crib-only rule, I just haven't thought of anything yet.

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  1. One whopping earache and binkie might need to visit for a few days....just sayin'!
    Good luck! It looks like the separation was amicable.