Monday, January 30, 2012


A few weeks ago I had the best night ever!  EVER!  Mom and dad took me to see Elmo and all my favorite guys!  There was a show and singing and dancing and so much awesomeness!

As soon as we walked in I was all, "Holy binkies!  Look at this place!"

Before Elmo was ready to dance and sing for me, I got to play!  First I tried out my grouch skills.  I tried to make my best grouch face.

Then it was time for a special pre-show preview!  Dad put me up on his shoulders so I could have a better view.  I'm not that tall yet.

Bert and Ernie and Zoe came out!!  I waved and waved and was all, "Hey guys, it's me Juj, your biggest fan!"

I got to visit Big Bird's nest.  I would have taken a picture in the nest but all these kids got in my way.  They didn't have very good turn-taking skills or direction-following skills.  Lame.

I forgot about Big Bird's nest pretty quickly when Rosita came out!  Dad got me a front row spot so I got to say hi to her and hug her and tell her that I love practicing my Spanish skills with her.

I was so so so excited to meet Rosita.

I've definitely decided front row is the way to go.  I'm pretty much going to always insist on front row seating for all my future shows.  It's amazing.

Once Rosita finished hanging out with me, I spent some more time exploring Sesame Street.

It was fun to push the buttons and hear what my Sesame friends wanted to tell me.

Sometimes I got to play with the characters by myself...

... but sometimes I had to share and take turns.  Good thing I've got pretty good manners for a toddler-peep.

I would probably live on Sesame Street if they had any homes for sale.

Dad and I love cookies.  So does Cookie Monster, so we were excited that he was willing to take a picture with us.

Our last stop before the show was the coloring station.  I worked on my coloring skills while mom made comments about all the little fingers that touched the crayons before me.  Sometimes she's lame.  And yes, I got sanitized right afterward.

Finally it was time for the show!  I was a little confused about why mom and dad made me leave all the fun of Sesame Street to sit in a chair and stare at nothing, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited patiently.

Waiting is easier when snacks are involved.  And I'm glad I waited - the show started and it was AWESOME!

All my Sesame friends were there, dancing and singing my favorite songs.  I waved to all of them, for pretty much the whole show.  They waved back.  I know they were excited to see me because the letter of the day was J for Julia!

I'm not sure I've ever been so excited.

I danced and waved and danced so much!  Everyone sitting near me thought I was an expert waver.

By the end of the show I was pretty tired.  It was a late show and I was up past my bedtime.  So mom and dad let me snorgle Hank and have a little bink (note - this show was before my bink got banned to the crib).  But don't worry, I still had a free hand to wave.

Doesn't this look awesome!?!?  I can't wait until Elmo and all the guys come back into town!

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