Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve, Revisited

It turns out, I'm not the only one that loves Santa.  My whole family loves him too!

On Christmas Eve I went to my Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike's house to eat cookies and open presents and talk about Santa!  My whole P side of the family was there!

I thought it would be fun to open presents right away but the grown-ups were all, "We're going to eat cookies and food and cookies and chatter, Juj.  We'll open presents later," and I was all, "Lame."

Luckily my Auntie Lea said I could open a present early.  I got a squishy guy!

(Mom spent most of the night obsessing over my curls.  You'd think she'd never seen curly fluff before.)

I read Ruby with Cousin Emily to pass the time.  You didn't think Ruby would miss Christmas, did you?!

I guess waiting for presents wasn't so bad...

... and Cousin Emily was pretty excited to read Ruby eleventy times.

Dad did some waiting with me.  We are pretty cute present-waiters.

I found this awesome peep-chair.  It was a little furry but otherwise perfect for me.

And then it was time for presents!!  My cousins know I'm pretty much an expect artist so they got me some new art supplies.  I would have colored all night long but mom and dad were all, "We can't stay too late or Santa won't be able to come to our house," and I was all, "Santa is coming TO MY HOUSE?!"  (Turns out, I never saw him.  I must have slept through his visit, which is weird because I woke a few times in the night but never found him.  Anyway.)

I basically love crayons so much and these new little crayons are so much easier than my baby giant crayons.

I couldn't believe my good luck but I got a 'copter toy that plays music at a remarkably loud volume.  It is amazing!

Before I headed home I spent some time checking out Auntie Sarah's iphone.  Don't worry, Peeps, I'm totally not getting a phone until I'm two or three.  I'm just researching right now.

When we got home from the party, our tree was buried in present.  Awesome!

I was so excited to see Christreena and all the presents! 

I even got to open a little present before bed!  It may not have been a present for me, but Auntie Maddie probably didn't even notice that I gave her a pre-opened present.

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