Monday, January 9, 2012

More Santa?!

Since visiting Santa the first time was so much fun, I decided to have another visit!

I went with my friends Ava and Bella to see Santa's elves in their workshop.  Aside from being a claustrophobic, crowded fail, it was a so much fun!

And after seeing all the elves, we got to see Santa!  Unfortunately, we learned a hard lesson.  Santa doesn't always have time to read books to peeps.  Even cute peeps.  I still loved him, but not as much as the time he wanted to read to me.  Bella felt similarly.

Since Santa didn't feel up to reading to me, I figured I better read extra by myself.

Reading is my favorite activity.  Whenever mom and dad are all, "Hey Juj, what do you want to play?" I'm always all, "Books!"

But sometimes I play 'copters too.  'Copters are awesome.

You know what's not awesome?  "The berries are all gone, Juj."

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