Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Eight

Can you believe I already have eight days of school under my belt?  I'm practically ready for college!

Today I opted for braids, in part because they're awesome and in part because my fluff was particularly mullet-rific this morning.

I think Hanky-guy was a little jealous of my braids.

I thought it would be best to recreate my school picture this morning, complete with scrunched shoulders and crazy-face.  I'm sure the modeling agencies will be calling any minute.

After school I wanted to play in the leaves and take a few more pictures.  With my blue cloths.

And it's not a proper photo shoot without a few pictures with Sissy-dog.

Since Sissy was feeling just a tiny bit cooperative I was all, "Sis, do you want to take a silly picture with me?"

And Sissy was all, "I suppose, Peep.  I know, let's stick out our tongues!"

We're pretty awesome when we aren't being turkeys.

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