Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cake and Ribs

Today I went to a party for my friends, Cooper and Eloise.  They turned one today!  They use to be my tiny bitty two-pound baby friends but now they're big chubby toddler friends!

They got to eat cake for their birthday.  I don't really like cake.  I told them ice cream was better than cake but I think they had frosting in their ears because they didn't listen to me.  In fact, see that thing in Cooper's hand?  That's a barbecue rib.  Gross.  I didn't even bother suggesting that broccoli is better.  Clearly he knows nothing about delicious foods.

The good news is that what Coopy and Ella lack in food-taste, they make up for in toy-taste.  They have super fun toys and books and they let me play with everything!  Happy birthday, Coop and Ella!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Juj

    Thank you for coming to our party. We had so much fun playing with you. Let's play together soon ok?

    Love-Coop and Ella

    PS-Broccoli is green and therefore tastes like diapers. We recommend you taste some BBQ.