Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm usually very busy playing toys and games and practicing skills.  Such activities don't leave room for dressing up and looking like a lady.

But every once in a while I toss out the sweats, set aside the jammies and pull out my fanciest stuff.

My friend Tessy sent me this dress.  She was all, "Juj, this is a great dress for looking super fancy and getting all the grown-ups to drool over you," and I was all, "Thanks Tessy, I can't wait until it fits!"  (She's a tall friend-Peep, so she wore this dress when she was about twenty-seven minutes old.)

I loved it!

And of course I pulled out my fancy tights from friend Emma and my fancy shoes from friend Lizie. 

Don't worry, my diaper wasn't a hand-me-down.  Mom totally lets me get brand new diapers.

Mom said it's hard to look sophisticated when you've got Hank and bink in tow...

... but I said who needs sophistication when you've got all your best guys?

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