Monday, June 6, 2011

New Wheels

Tonight mom and Grandma were all, "Juj!  Wait til you see what we found for you!"  I was all, "Is it boobie-flavored boobies that actually have milk in them?!"  It wasn't, but it was almost as exciting.

Grandma got me another red car!  I'm pretty much collecting red cars now.  I bet in fifteen years grandma is going to get me a pretty awesome red car.

I was anxious to test the horn - it's important to have a good horn, especially with all the turtles that share the road with me.

I was super excited to check out the car but a little nervous about driving it - I'll be honest Peeps, I don't have a license yet.

I felt a little more comfortable exploring the outside of the car, filling the gas tank with sticks and making sure the tire pressure wasn't low.

I thought the car was pretty exciting and then mom showed me a scooter toy she picked for me!

Mom told me I could sit on it and scoot...

... but I thought pushing it was more fun.

I cruised the streets for a while, you know, pushing my scooter and waving to ducks.

My scooter even has a spot in the back where Hanky-guy can ride!

I can go pretty speedy with my scooter.  And I'm very careful not to trip on cracks.

I think I'm the luckiest Peep in the world to get so many fun toys!


  1. I think jujube is the luckiest little scutter pusher in the world

  2. This is quite possibly one of the cutest posts and set of pictures to date. I LOVE that skirt and top outfit. She is too much.