Monday, June 20, 2011


Sorry for the delay, Peeps!  Now I can tell you all about my weekend with dad!  It was my idea - I was all, "Hey mom, how about for Father's Day you leave town and let me have the whole weekend with daddy."  And mom was all, "Great idea, Juj!"

I really love playing with dad but sometimes he has to go to work.  So I was mega excited when he said he would spend three whole days with me.  He even took me to swimming lessons!

Dad and I played dino.  I wanted to show him my dino skills so that he'd know I'm ready for this.  I'm pretty sure it's the next step up once you're a dino master.

We also spent a bunch of time playing outside.

I drove my car and dad taught me all about tire rotation, oil changes and keeping a tidy vehicle.  He said I need to have better car-ownership skills than mom.

Then he started to have second thoughts and decided to first teach me where the key goes...

... and which way to face.  It's not my fault though.  I've spent almost fourteen months sitting backwards in mom's car!

Later Sister Lab and I played sticks.  Mostly Sister Lab ate them.

Okay, I maybe had just a quick taste.  I just wanted to investigate about the flavor.  It was less boobie-flavored and more dog-breath flavored than I would have liked.

The weather was pretty rainy but we still got some walks in.  I even saw a turtle!  Luckily he pulled over when he saw me coming.  I hate when turtles slow up traffic.

At night dad gave me baths, got me snorgled into my jammies and sleep sack, and gave me delicious milk.

And in the mornings I woke up and we played toys again!

And all I ate the whole time was vegetables...

... I never had special treats with dad like chocolate chips or pancakes or anything like that.  Just vegetables. 
It was such a great time.  I can't wait for the next daddy-peep weekend!

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