Saturday, June 4, 2011

Splash Pad

It's finally summer, Peeps!  I love summer because I get to play outside all day and go for eleventy billion rides in my red car.  The other day it was super steamy outside so mom took me on a special adventure to the splash pad!

When we got there I realized mom forgot to bring toys (lame) so I took off.  Thankfully it didn't take long before I was all, "Hey mom, I found a duck!"

I was pretty excited when I found the duck!

The duck mega loved the fountains.

And then I found a bucket!  It was like Christmas at the splash pad.  Of course, the duck wanted to try out the bucket.

I did a lot of bucket skills.

I was super busy with my bucket when mom was all, "Umm Juj, your friend Susie is here and she'd like to play with you, perhaps you can stop ignoring her."

It was fun to play with Susie but she was a little jealous of my hat...

... so it was safer to keep my distance.

I made a new friend, too.  I really like big kids.  They're sooo cool.

The splash pad was so much fun, especially with my favorite duck. 

And mom even promised that next time we could bring toys and buckets and ducks and toys!

After we finished splashing, Susie and I compared tongues.

Susie and I had a great playdate and she didn't even sass me for showing up an hour late and mostly ignoring her!  Next time I'm going to try and spend a little more time playing with her and a little less time trying to steal toys.

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