Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since I'm a toddler-Peep now I decided it's time for me to learn some new skills.  And what is more fun than climbing skills?!

I really like climbing in my froggie chair.  It's cozy and bouncy.

And there are eleventy different ways to sit in it!

Even more fun is climbing my dino!

I also learned how to scoot on it, albeit backwards, but climbing dino is billions more fun.

Sometimes my friends the babies come over to play.  When they do, I love to climb in their carseats!  Don't worry, I never practice climbing skills when they're in their seats.

It's pretty fun to climb a carseat...

... and even more fun to stand up and rock it!

Mom was all, "Juj, sit down.  Standing isn't safe, you're going to tip over and hurt yourself."  Lame.

Turns out, she might have been on to something.  I had a few mishaps.  Like this one. 

But don't worry, Peeps, I was just fine!

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