Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fourteen Months

Well Peeps, I'm even more grown up now - I'm fourteen today!  Mom said I better do another big update so we can remember my toddler-peep years.

It's probably a good idea - I'm growing fast.  Can you believe this was me one year ago?  I was just a little squishy baby-peep.

So let's see.  I really love playing toys and my favorites are my letters.  Sometimes mom teases me because I think every letter is an E or an I.  I'm just learning, you know.  And my other chatters are coming along well - I say hi, ba-bye, baby, daddy, puppy, uh-oh, car, beeeee (berries), yickum (no English translation), yeah, and I have an awesome point-and-grunt.  I know where my fluff, belly, snout and baby-pits are.

I love playing outside.  I love to go for walks in my red car (I talk about my car a LOT) and I love playing with my scooter and baby stroller and cozy coupe.  Sometimes if I'm super lucky I find an abandoned Hank-scooter in the park.

I have some stacking blocks that are super fun and I like to play with them every day, especially before bed.  Speaking of, I'm still a great sleeper.  I go to bed around 8 pm and sleep about 11-12 hours.  I rarely squawk in the middle of the night.  I take pretty great naps too.  Somedays I take two naps, 11 am - 1 pm and 4 - 5 pm, and sometimes I just take one three hour nap.  I love to snorgle Hank in my bed.

Reading is still one of my favorite things.  This is my very best book - it's all about bunnies and kittens and moons.  I like to read it every morning when I wake up and I point to all the kittens.  My pointing skills are pretty amazing.

I'm a great eater.  I love chicken, turkey, cheese, pasta, yogurt, berries, broccoli, peanut butter and jelly, pancakes, and anything mom and dad have on their plates.  I still love boobie-flavored boobie but I only get that kind of milk in the morning.  Don't worry though, I get delicious bottles the rest of the day!

Well, I think that covers everything!  I'm a super happy toddler-peep. 
And no, I don't have any teeth yet.  But don't worry, Peeps, they're almost here!

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