Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunny Day

Today our lousy summer weather was upgraded to mediocre so I told mom we better take advantage and play outside.

Mom will pretty much do anything I ask.  She can't say no to my cute.

I love playing outside - it's super fun to find sticks and rocks and tree-fluff.

And I only sometimes taste the driveway dirt.

Mostly I'm just happy to run up and down the driveway...

... and I never miss the chance to yell hi to passing cars and puppies and kids.

I like to take a break and hug mom.  It helps her feel better when I spend the rest of the day talking about daddy.

After we played for a while mom got an idea, and that never ends well.  She was all, "Hey Juj, how about we get a picture of you and Sister Lab?"  And I was all, "Hey mom, how about you sit in the itchy grass?"  Sister Lab and I were not impressed.

But Lab said the sooner we look at the camera, the sooner mom's shenanigans would end.  So we gave in.  Sort of.

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  1. Oh, so THAT'S what dresses look like when you wear them vertically. Juj, I've got like 80 billion in my closet if you want to come see. I think they're totally dumb because I get my knees stuck in them and then I get carpet up my nose so I don't understand why Mom and Mimi keep buying them for me. XOXO, S.