Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween!

I got to wear my costume to school and be a ducky-peep with all my friends!

Just in case you're wondering the answer is yes, I was the cutest ducky-peep in the whole class.  I even quacked for my friends!

Ducky-peeps love to practice sliding skills!

We even took a group picture.  Aren't we the cutest class?  It was good practice because next week is picture day.  I'm already thinking about how I want to style my fluff for the picture.

After class mom said we could go to the gym and work on athletic skills again.  I love the gym and some of the new friends I met last week were there again.  I bet by the end of winter I'm going to have eleventy new friends!

This week I worked on my basketball skills.

Since I'm in the tenth percentile for height now, there's a good chance I'll get a basketball scholarship when I'm older, so I need to make sure my skills are awesome.

And since I'll probably be a basketball superstar, I'll be rich and famous and have eleventy fancy cars, so I'll need gas pumping skills.

I don't know what kind of cars I'll buy when I'm rich and famous so I figure it's best to try out a lot of different makes and models, just to get a feel for my options.

I had a really great morning.  I can't wait until tonight!!

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