Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pictures and Chatters

Hi Peeps!
Today mom was all, "Juj, you say such funny stuff, you better write about it so we don't forget," and I was all, "Mom!  My fans don't care about chatters, they're in it for my stunning looks and amazing sense of style."  So we compromised.  More peeks at my eighteen pictures combined with chatter mumbo jumbo.

Style is very important to me.  I love to put on sunglasses and tell mom I'm "cute" or put on necklaces and tell mom I'm "pretty."  Turns out, Hanky-guy likes to wear glasses and necklaces too.  Sissy?  Not so much.

I work on my skills all day long so when I learn something new, I'm pretty excited and love to announce, "I did it!"  But you know what's even better?  Saying "I did it!" and leaving mom to wonder what I did.

I'm usually pretty polite and lady-like, but sometimes I like to let loose and learn ridiculous things.  So if you ask me what a mouth says I'll say "burp" and if you ask me what a butt says I'll say "toot."  Don't worry, I'll also announce such bodily function anytime I hear them.

I've learned a little peep-charm goes a long way.  So when I want to watch TV, I just smile, bat my lashes and say, "TB watch? Yeah okay!"  Works like magic.  Such charm also works to get me "chippies," (chocolate chips), pens to color with, and anything I want from dad after mom says no.

By now you know I really love reading.  The only thing better than reading a book is reading a book over and over again.  I'm pretty good at helping mom and dad read to me.  I know the words to my little critter book and my Curious George book and my More, More More book by heart.  And if I don't know the word, I just say "'copter" and that seems to cover it.

But don't think I'm always chattering or anything.  I don't want Hank and bink to feel neglected.

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