Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Squawking

My friend Bella called me and was all, "Juya, can you be my nanny for a few weeks?" and I was all, "Of course!  We'll play games, practice skills, and eat billions of snacks together.  It'll be so much fun!"

We started with snacks since we're expert snack-munchers.  Plus, mom let us have snacks at my little table, which was super exciting.

Sissy liked that we had table-snacks too.  Bella let Sissy taste a strawberry so now they're pretty much best friends.

Later we played chair skills.  Mostly that meant taking turns but sometimes it meant trying to share simultaneously, which didn't seem to go too well.

Bella was super excited to play with my toys so she was sure to express her gratitude over and over again...

... I wasn't always sure such thanks was necessary...

... but I did appreciate the sentiment.

And what can I say, having a little help with my water freed up my page-turning hands so I could read without getting thirsty.

But you know what was super awesome?  After naps mom had to make an important business call...  Yep!  We both got our guys, Hank and Hootie, AND bink and paci to "discourage squawking."  Awesome.

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