Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The other night mom and dad were all, "Hey Juj, do you want to go pick a Christmas tree to bring home and decorate?"


I'll be honest Peeps, I was pretty worried.  I haven't ever practiced tree-picking skills.  What if I picked a curvy, squirrely tree?

Luckily dad was all, "I'm going to teach you all about tree picking and tree decorating and tree tending," and I was all, "Yay!  More skills for my peep-resume!"

We looked at billions of trees.  I thought the eleventy foot trees looked good but dad thought we should pick one that fit in the house standing up.

I kept watch for a good, reasonably-sized tree that was mega fluffy (dad was all, "fluffy needle trees are the best") and when I finally spotted one, we got it!

Sissy came along for the tree-picking adventure too.  She made sure we got a tree without any hidden squeaky squirrels.

When we got home dad helped get the tree situated and then we let it warm up and fluff up.  And then the next day it was time for decorating!

Tree decorating is so so fun!  Mostly I did a lot of watching.  Dad tried to help instill decorating skills in me.  He was medium successful.

My favorite part might have been the lights.  They were so beautiful, especially the blue lights.  I love blue.

(Have I mentioned how lame socks are these days?  The lamest.)

(Have I mentioned that sticking bunnies on my feet won't make me think that socks aren't lame?)

When dad finished getting the lights on the tree it was time for ornaments!  Ornaments are toys that you get to stick in the tree.  Amazing!

And then I found Santa!!!!!!  I LOVE Santa.  Seriously.  Love.

Some ornaments were pretty delicate so I had to be very careful.  I did a pretty excellent job.  Only one got broken and it was an accident.

Since my ornament-spot-picking-skills weren't quite up to par (apparently you can't put all the ornaments in the same spot), I left the arranging to dad and I assigned myself ornament-inspector. 

I did such a great job inspecting ornaments I elected myself Captain of Inspections.

Decorating the tree with dad was pretty much the most fun ever.

When we were finished I spotted all my favorite ornaments.

The best thing to do with a freshly decorated tree?  Read to it.

I think dad and I did a pretty awesome job with Cristreena.  She is fluffy and pretty and lights up.  We love her.

Now I'm nearly ready for Santa to come and visit!

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