Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Since my friend Bella is going to be hanging out with me a bunch, her nanny Lauren was all, "You guys can use this awesome stroller when you're out together," and we were all, "Thanks but we prefer to run in opposite directions at full speed."

We ended up in the stroller.  We actually had a pretty good time riding together, sharing snacks and passing toys back and forth.  But we have to pretend we hate it so that we still get to run around sometimes too.

Turns out, our pouty faces paid off - we got to go on rides today!  I know this isn't my best picture but the Mickey car was so awesome and speedy we couldn't be bothered by picture-taking.

I know the driving age is sixteen but I think this is a pretty good argument that it should be two.  We are awesome!


When I was done cruisin' with Bella I flew a 'copter.  Yep, it was pretty much a dream come true.

Before we left we tried out a race car.  It was pretty cool but Mickey was by far the best.  Who needs speed when you can have Mickey-tunes!?

I was going to ask Santa to bring me books or some Disney movies, but I am going to have to rewrite me letter.  I NEED a Mickey car.

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