Thursday, December 29, 2011


My friend Bella is back!  She went on this mega long vacation and we were missing each other so much.

I was so excited to have her come over today!  I showed her all my new toys.  We worked on our Lego skills together.

And of course, there were snacks!!  Snacks taste so much better when I share them with friends.

We love to laugh and chatter together.  Our best chatter was after naps today.  I ran into Bella's room and was all, "All done?" and she was all, "Done nap!" and I was all, "Alright!!"  Mom swears it's the cutest interaction she's every seen. 

I pretty much smiled all day having Bella around.  And I only had a very very mild case of the "No, Mines."

After resting we got to work on our art project skills.  We're pretty much professional artists.  And yes, I know our project is a little late for the season.  But really, it's never too late to love Santa.

It takes a lot of focus and concentration to be such an expert artist.

And when we were done...

... beautiful ornaments to hang on the tree!  Or, you know, take completely apart five minutes later and leave all the stickers stuck to the kitchen floor.  Art comes in all forms.

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