Friday, December 9, 2011


Lately I've been thinking I really need my own space.  You know, a private place I can sit, collect my thoughts, talk about 'copters and catch up on my reading.

So I was all, "Dad, can you build me a private clubhouse in the backyard?" and he was all, "That's a great idea, and then we can send mom out there while we stay inside and eat chocolate chippies and watch Elmo and do flips!"  Okay.  It maybe didn't go exactly like that so I maybe had to come up with a second choice.

Here's the next best thing.  It's toasty cozy, filled with blankets and pillows, and mom can barely pull me out when it's time for nap.  It's the perfect fort.

In fact, sometimes I get so excited about my fort I can't find Hank when he's right in front of me.  (Can you tell I'm saying "Hank" and doing my special Hank-sign here?)

It's a great spot for Hanky-guy snorgling, you know.

I prefer no socks when I'm in my fort.  I can't really explain why.  Maybe I just like the feel of the cold, poorly insulated floors on my chubby toes.

But don't worry, I stay pretty warm snorgled under blankets.

I'm not sure what it is about my fort but it makes me super chatty.  Once I got inside tonight I started saying things mom didn't even know I knew how to say (like "gone" and "football" and "running").  I was even inspired to practice my singing skills.  I performed "Tick Tock" with my baby. 
I'm planning on moving into my fort permanently.

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