Sunday, December 4, 2011


I got to go to the Holidazzle Parade tonight!

I know what you're thinking - isn't twenty-five degrees too cold for parades?  No!  I just had to wear eleventy layers and I was toasty cozy.  Hank wanted to come too but don't worry, I kept him warm.

I got a prime spot to watch the parade.  It was awesome.  Every time a float passed by I yelled, "MORE!" and then more came!  (Until the end.  And then no more came.  Even when I screeched and threatened an epic tantrum.)

All of the floats had billions of lights and there was music and kids running around and lights.  I love lights!

Dad picked me up for the ending because he wanted to be sure I had a great view for the last float.  It was Santa!  I couldn't even believe it!  Here I thought Santa spent all his time in my neighbor's front yard but he was in the parade too.  He's pretty speedy though - by the time we got home he was back in the yard.  I loved the parade.  Mom even said we can go again if there's another balmy twenty-five degree night.  Win.

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