Monday, October 29, 2012


Time for another big update - I'm thirty, peeps! I even get to tell people I'm two and a half now.  It's pretty awesome.

I think two and a half looks good on me, more mature and grown up.  I'm probably about twenty-six pounds and probably around thirty-two inches but I haven't had official measurements in a long time.  My clothes are almost all a 2T though some shirts I can even wear 3T!  (Okay, only in Gap because their stuff runs small.)  My shoes are a five but I think I'm ready for a six.  Or almost ready.  My four eye teeth are visible and brushable so I have sixteen teeth now!  And my fluff is still a curly mullet.

My eating skills have improved just a little bit.  I've been eating more vegetables (I love corn, carrots, peas, cucumber, and broccoli). I love chicken, cheese, yogurt, pasta, pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, any carbs, any fruit, and any cookies.  And I really love going to restaurants for grilled cheese and frie fries or mac and cheese.  I eat at the big table all the time now and I don't even use my booster-turtle-chair.  I just like to use a regular chair because I'm a big girl.  I love to sing while I eat, which helps to extend the fun of mealtime.  If I'm on my game, I can sing through a meal and take a full hour to eat.  Amazing.

My sleeping skills have also improved.  I was having some shenanigans last month but I'm over it.  I'm napping about 1.5-2.5 hours a day.  I quit screaming in the middle of nap, which seems to make mom happy.  And my night sleep has been great.  I go to bed around 8 or 8:15 pm and I sleep until at least 7 am and sometimes later.  Mom and dad gave me my very own clock and now I wait until I see the seven to call for them.  Sometimes it's 7:02 am and sometimes it's 7:45 am, but I always wait until the seven is there and then I'm all, "Cockadoodledoo I see the seven!"  I don't even fuss in the morning anymore!  I've even been sleeping late when I have a busy night with a late bedtime.  Mom and dad think this is basically the same as discovering fire.  I rule.

My potty-using skills are also pretty awesome.  I'm using the potty all the time and I keep my pull-up dry at home, school, and even on adventures.  I even love using the big potty now - I usually want to use the "mommy and daddy potty" instead of my little potty.  I'm still only, well, 50% potty trained, if you know what I mean, but I've made great progress so I might even be 100% by thirty-one.  Or age four.  I even stay dry when I sleep most of the time - I'm probably dry 5/7 mornings a week and just about every nap time.  Mom thinks this is pretty awesome, aside from the wasted diapers.

School is still going well - I really love it, especially all the singing.  I love learning new songs.  And I started gym class again.  I'm in a new class so I have lots of skills to learn but it's so much fun, especially the trampoline.  Jumping is my favorite.  And I can pretty much do a somersault now!  When I'm not in those activities I love playing toys and games and reading books at home.  My very favorite thing is to do puzzle-skills.  I'm getting great at sorting border pieces, matching colors and patterns and getting puzzles done.  I can do forty piece puzzles by myself!  I also love playing games on mom's phone when she has a meeting or an important appointment.  I'm an expert phone-game-player.

My chatters continue to amuse mom and dad.  I can't help it, I'm just a funny kid.  I'm very into asking, "Can you tell me why ____?"  I am also pretty into my letters.  I can spell my name and type it on a computer or phone.  I like to try and "read" words by sounding out the first letter, like P for my last name, or M for Molly!  Those are two favorites.  School has helped me get pretty good with numbers and I can count with my fingers now.  I love numbers and letters but rhyming is still my favorite game.  I love rhyming words.  And making up songs.  And narrating everything I do.

I think two and a half is a pretty good age.  I get to do tons of fun things, I hardly ever have a time-out (except possibly in the grocery store yesterday for hitting) and mom and dad think I'm the most fun toddler-peep ever.  And I can make the best turkey-face in the world.

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