Wednesday, October 24, 2012


About a week ago the weather was lovely so I decided to take a short (or "worthless" as mom says, whatever) nap so that I could take advantage of the beautiful afternoon. 

When I woke up I was all, "Mom, do you want to go to the apple orchard??" and she was all, "Yes Peep! I've been waiting for a chance to take you!"  I'm full of good ideas.

When we got to the orchard it was awesome - I pretty much had the whole place to myself!

There were goaty-guys to visit, and chickens and a turkey too. I liked the goaty-guys the best, even if they seemed medium interested in munching my shirt.

I checked to see how giant I am.  Pretty giant.

And then I spent eleventy hours playing in the pretend tractor.  I drove to the mall mostly.  Mom was all, "Peep, we're out in the country, they don't have malls here."  Lame.

I even spotted real tractors driving!  

I pretty much love tractors.  As long as they are pretend and I can crawl around in them.  The real kind are just a little to fast and loud for my liking.  Yes, I said fast.

After I finished all my tractor driving I worked on more exploring skills.  I climbed through a giant tree.

I summoned up the courage to try out the slide.  It was pretty ginormous and I didn't want mom to worry about me.

So I went down on my belly, just to make mom feel better.

Turns out the slide was great!

I did some tire-climbing skills too.  It was tricky but I'm an awesome climber.

And then mom declared it time for pumpkin pictures.  Oy, right?  But I was feeling pretty agreeable.  I even willingly wore my pumpkin headband.  I'm just that cooperative.

It was kind of fun to sit with all the big pumpkins, especially because I got to pick some to bring home!

But at some point I had to get a little grumpy or the pumpkin pictures would have never ended.  

Mom waddled into one picture.  It's a shame she couldn't get with the program and wear a more festive shirt.

Finally it was time to buy our pumpkins, some yummy apple bread, and head home.

I picked a daddy pumpkin, mommy pumpkin, Jujy pumpkin and a Beef Stu pumpkin.  I had a great time at the orchard.  I can't wait to go back next year - I'll get to play and mom can make Beef Stu wear the silly pumpkin outfit.  

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