Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen started rainy so I stayed inside for my morning picture.  

A carpeted floor provides a whole new set of posing options and I took full advantage.  Standing and smiling is so Day Three.

I even invited Molly to be in my morning picture.  She was pretty excited.  Usually only Hanky-backpack and Hanky-guy get such honors.

As much as I love school, I have to admit I was just a teeny tiny bit hesitant to attend today.  I mean, I knew I'd have fun but I worried about leaving Molly with boring old mom for three hours. 

Luckily Molly handled our time apart well and we even took some pictures together after I got home.

I had the best visit with Molly.  I hope she comes back soon because I'm pretty sure mom isn't going to do my mermaid puzzle with me eleventy times in a row.

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