Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puzzle Skills

I really love doing puzzles and my puzzle skills are getting to be pretty excellent.  I know how to sort out the border pieces from the middle pieces and match colors and patterns to get the whole thing put together.  I love my mermaid puzzle so I let mom film me putting it together today.  I let mom help just a teeny tiny bit with the border, just to make her feel needed, but otherwise I've got it down.

Don't worry, Peeps, I don't expect you'll watch this whole thing.  Mom was all, "I just want to have a video of your skills for me," and I was all, "Okay but can you edit it down a little?  My fans will grow bored."  So she cut a little but mostly you can see my border-sorting skills, border-making skills, middle-connecting skills, and finally, lunchtime-announcing skills.

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