Friday, October 12, 2012

Peep and Mom

The other day was Mom's birthday.  To celebrate, I was all, "Mom!  Let's take pictures together today!" and mom was all, "Thanks for your willingness to share the spotlight, Peep!"  I'm a pretty generous toddler-peep.

We had a quick outside photoshoot.  Sissy-dog was invited but she was too distracted snooting stuff and Mom couldn't figure out how to set the camera, wrangle me, contain Sissy-dog and pose all within the camera's allotted timer.  Maybe next year when she's older she'll be better at multi-tasking.  

Since it was her birthday I decided to cooperate bribe-free and smile nicely for pictures.  Hopefully this isn't behavior that's expected to occur daily.

We made sure to include Stu Peep in the pictures too, you know, so she wouldn't feel left out.  She's hiding under Mom's shirt.

(Two years ago we had pictures together too!  I'm pretty awesome at tradition-remembering-and-enforcing-skills.)

I wanted to make sure Mom had a great birthday, so after I took her to my gym class, I brought her out for lunch.  Bagels of course.

We love to have bagel dates!

And what's birthday-picture-day without a few more pictures?!

It's hard for me to completely contain crazy face, but I tried to be on my best posing behavior.

I think Mom had a pretty great birthday.  It was a little short on cake and cookies and cupcakes and cake, but Mom was all "Stu Peep doesn't want baked goods for every meal."  Lame.  Who ever heard of birthday cucumber?!?

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