Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen and the start of outer space week at school!

I wanted to be festive so I picked my star pants and star shirt (formerly star dress).  I figure it's good practice for spirit week in big-kid school.

And no, I don't know why Mom is even a little surprised when my morning pose looks something like this.  Obvious, it's my signature look.

I had an okay day at school.  Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but I was a little off my game.  Toddler-peeps can't be all smiles all the time!  For example, I was having a great time walking with my friends outside until I spotted mom, and then I may have had a meltdown while tethered to a rope.  What can I say, leaving school is lame.

The good news is the rest of my day was pretty good, and I even got my school pictures back!  Can you believe how cooperative I was?!  (This is a picture of a picture, the real thing is even better!)  I should be a professional school-picture model.

After school I was considerably more charming.

I even asked mom if we could take pictures...

... and I smiled without bribes!

Of course, I'm just buttering mom up so that she'll buy me cookies and presents and cake and presents and let me stay up late and have parties, but I don't think she's caught on yet.

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